The most popular fruits and vegetables cleanser, Green Wash Plus is actively involved in facilitating millions of people to consume fresh clean fruits and veggies free from any chemicals and agricultural contaminations through its wonderful product called Green Wash Plus, a marvelous fruits purifier and veg wash solution. Green Wash Plus is an amazing product that works effectively as fruit and vegetable cleaner enabling people to consume fresh fruits and fresh vegetables.

Vegetables and fruits that are affected with soil, agricultural contaminants, surface bacteria, pesticides, wax-coats and chemical coats; when washed in this marvelous magical solution, this vegetables purifier cleanses and removes all traces of these harmful chemical coats and contaminants.

Green Wash Plus is a unique magical formula prepared from time-tested natural products. The development process has involved food hygiene experts, nutritionists, dieticians, and other health conscious experts to bring out this fine fruits cleaner, called Green Wash Plus.

The final product Green Wash Plus has stood the test of efficacy in advanced state-of-the-labs and has been proven to be six times more effective than washing in water alone. Not only this, an additional advantage of using our magical Green Wash Plus is that it doubles the shelf-life of washed fruits and vegetables. Our amazing product Green Wash Plus is environmentally and ecologically safe and above all it is user-friendly.

Use our Green Wash Plus fruit and vegetable sanitizer solution to wash, clean and remove all traces of chemicals, wax, bacteria, soil, dirt etc from off the fruits and vegetables; and then rinse them in fresh water. Now the fruits and vegetables are safe to consume. Our Green Wash Plus is trusted by millions across the nation.

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